[Gimp-developer] Opensource programs. ReactOS Community Edition.

As you may know ReactOS is now working in the new ReactOS Community Edition.

It's a new OS, with new features, redesigned image, powered by the new ReactOS kernel which boosts its 
compatibility with apps and drivers. You can see a comparative, and the new site here: 

In the spirit of open source we created a special "Open Source Support Program" available only for open 
source projects. 
And, of course, absolutely free.

Its main objective is to promote your app and show the users that there are "other" alternatives out there 
and apps waiting to be discovered!
But not only that, there are other nice features that you shouldn't miss, because they are free after all.

We've (literally) chained a designer into a dark wet basement for a week to create some designs which explain 
not just the "Opensource Support Program", but also the "Official Software Support" program, which you can 
join for free too.

Make him happy by watching his artwork! http://community.reactos.org/programs/opensource.pdf

We hope you will like and consider joining any of these new programs. 
Since we're planning ahead, we had to set some deadlines in the doc. Don't miss the date!

Any comments, suggestions and enhancements are really appreciated so we can expand the features and make them 
even better.

Also we're crowdfunding right now to make ReactOS Community Edition happen ASAP, so any help in spreading the 
word is most welcome!

Thank you for reading and for "reacting" to the email ;)

Disclaimer: No designer was harmed in the making of the attached document. He is recovering well! ;)

Víctor Martínez Calvo (EN/ES/DE/FR)
Programs & Partnerships Coordinator

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