Re: [Gimp-developer] About closing feature requests as invalid

On 20 April 2014 03:44, scl <scl gplus gmail com> wrote:
Indeed, the definition of 'Invalid' lacks of clarity:
'This bug is in some way not valid...'.
But if we close bugs we will neither fix nor accept patches
we clearly use the state='CLOSED-WONTFIX'.
Why would we use 'CLOSED-INVALID' for this?

That distinction might be clear for someone acquainted with
bugzilla and the status we do use - but it certainly won't
be read this way for someone getting to bugzilla.
As I said before, it reads "invalid".

One other thing I did not mention: bugzilla is hard-enough to get through
to a single feature request - it has a  "90s" look and feel, and suffer of poor
usability even for the web of that time. So if after one gets through it all,
we just say it is invalid, we might just get a "nerver mind. At least I tried".

(the hardest part in bugzilla maybe be  picking "GIMP" from other 100s
of projects
in a plain html(2.0) scrolling thingie, not to mention the defaults that can't
actually be seen in the other widgets, until one has clicked (and changed) them)

And them, about adding voting and more niceties to bugzilla:
unfortunatelly we share
bugzilla with gnome, and can't just go about changing it on our own.
So this is another
set of variables and constraints in this discussion.


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