Re: [Gimp-developer] Three questions about opening an image and converting it to linear light RGB

El mié, 02-04-2014 a las 16:38 -0400, Michael Henning escribió:

Will the image be converted to extended sRGB before image editing can begin?


Will the user see out of gamut (that is, out of the sRGB color space's
gamut) RGB values expressed as RGB values that are less than 0.0 and/or
greater than 1.0?

Yes. There is one complication: Users have the ability to choose to
edit in different bitdepths, so the integer bitdepths will be clipped.

Does this mean that in float bitdepths a pixel in a layer could have
negative RGBA values? 
That could break compositing badly if those values are not clipped (and
clipping those out-of-bound values would destroy the original gamut,
defeating the purpose of the unbounded colorspace transform).

Maybe I'm getting it wrong, could you please clarify that?


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