Re: [Gimp-developer] Quick-edit workflow

On 31 October 2013 05:36, Karl-Heinz Zimmer <khzimmer posteo de> wrote:
Yes, you can add such a shortcut, please go to:

   Edit / Keyboard shortcuts ...

Just a somewhat  unrelated notice - as I consider this one of GIMP's
most important features:
in GIMP you don't have to go to "Edit->Preferences->Interface->Edit
Keyboard Shortcuts, navigate in a
separate structure to your feature, and then pick a  keyboard
shortcut. That is there, and works - but what is cool
is the Dynamic Keyboard Shortcuts feature - enable it once in
edit->preferences->interfaces -
and never step out of your workflow to assign a shortcut again: Just
pick a shortcut when you are about to use
a feature, on the very same menu you use all the time.

(it doesn't warn you if you overwrite a shortcut - but then, you can
simply restore any accidentaly changed shortcut just as  easily)


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