Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP System Requirements

El 23/10/13 20:57, Robert Krawitz escribió:

The problem -- and this is more so with GIMP than with many apps -- is
that it really comes down to what you want to do and your level of
patience.  If you're using it on web images (maybe 1 MP or less), you're
not doing anything fancy, and you're running a light weight desktop,
particularly on an older distribution, you might be perfectly happy with
256 MB of memory and a Pentium 3 processor.  If you're working on
multi-layer 50 megapixel images, and you're doing a lot of transforms,
you might find even 8 GB unpleasant.

I agree with Robert's comment.
I use GIMP for my everyday graphic design job, and I think that something around 4 GB of RAM is generally enough for most of the simple tasks needed (cutting out images, doing simple comps, banners, color correction, etc), even in 20 or 30 MP images. However it's true that such amount of memory falls short pretty quickly when you start working on complex compositions with several layers, masks and large images. I use all the 8GB of RAM available in this box pretty frequently, so it's hard to tell how much memory is "enough".

It depends on the work you'll be doing. If a general, non-specialized user asks me about how much memory is fine, I'd say something between 2 and 4 GB should be enough. But if you're an artist or a designer, then I'd say the sky is the limit :-) As much RAM as you and your motherboard can afford is the right amount.


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