[Gimp-developer] GIMP downloads on source forge used as lure for malware/adware

I'm quite upset.
I've been an Open Source proponent for a long time now, and have been
trying to get people in my company on board with using GIMP and Inkscape,
as they are wonderful free programs that we can have on as many computers
as we like, and share and edit information.

The problem is, GIMP  (and Inkscape) is hosted on Source Forge, which
insists on slathering the download pages with adverts. This would not
normally be that much of a problem, but many of these adverts sport lures
and misdirects with big "download here" buttons, where the user is taken to
a page where they are tricked into downloading and installing something
other than GIMP.

I've had to host my own personal "safe" copy on my website, just to give it
out to friends I tell about it. It's crippling to the popularity of the
program that the first experience with Open Source software, is an
accidental malware/adware infection.

I recommend different hosting for GIMP. It's far too fine of a program to
be hosted on Source Forge.

Thoughts? Solutions?


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