[Gimp-developer] Display filters don't apply to tab thumbnail - bug?


I discovered that the display filter settings don't
apply to the tab thumbnails in single window mode.

Use case 1: the user applies a display filter:

How to reproduce:
1. In the Windows menu switch to Single-Window-Mode.
2. Open or create a file.
3. In the View menu choose 'New view'.
4. In the View menu choose 'Display filters...',
add a display filter to the list on the right side
and configure it to have a clearly visible difference
to the image without display filters. I chose the
contrast filter and set 8.900 contrast cycles.

Expected result:
The thumbnail in the tab of the second view reflects
the visual changes by the display filter.

Actual result:
The thumbnails of both the image with and without
display filters look identically.

For a visual example see http://bit.ly/1cvxzig.

Use case 2: the user has lots of tabs open and wants
to switch to particular image.

How to reproduce:
Click on the thumbnail with the filtered view.

Expected result:
An image is shown that is identical to the thumbnail.

Actual result:
An image is shown, but it looks completely different
to the thumbnail. That's confusing.

To me it looks like a bug, but I'm a bit unsure.
The [Single Window Mode specification] is a bit terse
in this point. Interpreting it by its words one could
say: 'The tabs are for identifying files. Both tabs
are for the same file, thus the thumbnails have to
look the same.'
On the other hand, given the purpose to *identify*
an image, especially when time is short and the
user works with high speed, the thumbnail should be
a clear identification of what to expect and this
is not given in the current state.

How do you see this?

Kind regards,


[Single Window Mode specification]:

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