[Gimp-developer] So, I got a part-time writing gig...

Hi guys,

Not sure about the best place for this, so figured I would talk to this
list about it.

I recently became a part-time writer for PetaPixel.com (photography-centric
site).  They do a fair amount of traffic with photographers, and as a
long-time F/OSS user, I figured it might be a good opportunity to
mention/share/promote the cause.

I figure more exposure certainly can't hurt, and if it can be done in a
context where our F/OSS tools are spoken about in a manner that considers
them as on par or better than commercial offerings, even better.

So, if anyone would like to see something in particular worked into an
article, either a feature or technique, that I can write against something
a bit broader in the photography world, I'd love to hear it!  I'll do what
I can to raise awareness, even if only small steps at a time.

Pat David

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