Re: [Gimp-developer] development in gimp

On 23.05.13 at 8:07 PM Nadav Vinik wrote:

I want to help to develop the gimp.

Is there any filter that you recommend that is not need to be port soon so
I would practice on it and you don't port it in the same time?

Welcome Nadav!

The filters with a red 'No' in the table are good candidates for you,
unless stated otherwise in the 'Comment' columnn.
If you click the column headers ('GEGL operation' or 'OpenCL version')
you see the latest changes.
Another building site are GEGL related bugs [1].
To get the latest information and to coordinate with the other
developers working on the GEGL port just come to IRC (, channels #gegl and #gimp.
As we're updating the GEGL porting matrix from time to time, it
would be good if you told us when you have finished something.

Good luck and kind regards,



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