[Gimp-developer] fix missing comma in image_map_new seamless clone branch

The seamless clone branch isn't compile.

in addition to the simple syntax error, there are more errors:
  CC     gimpseamlessclonetool.o
../../../app/tools/gimpseamlessclonetool.c: In function
../../../app/tools/gimpseamlessclonetool.c:519:34: error: called object
‘sct->image_map’ is not a function
../../../app/tools/gimpseamlessclonetool.c:519:34: error: too few arguments
to function ‘gimp_image_map_commit’
In file included from ../../../app/tools/gimpseamlessclonetool.c:43:0:
../../../app/core/gimpimagemap.h:59:6: note: declared here
make[4]: *** [gimpseamlessclonetool.o] Error 1


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