[Gimp-developer] Updating project information


When looking over the Gimp related projects in Gnomes Git repository I
found the following projects. The Gnome Git web interface complains
about missing project descriptions (the 'DOAP files'). I decided to fix this, but need some more information.

Are these projects still in use?
If yes, can I take the following information I gathered from their
README and MAINTAINER files as basis?

Project: gimp-data-extras
purpose: collection of additional data files for GIMP 2.0
last commit:  5 years ago
maintainer:  Sven Neumann (neo)
homepage: www.gimp.org
mailinglist: http://gimp.org/mail_lists.html
As nobody seems to care for them and in its current state only Linux users benefit from it:
- quality review and merge into GIMP or
- use as incubator project for new data resources, until they are quality reviewed and then move accepted resources to GIMP

Project: gimp-freetype
purpose: plug-in for The GIMP that uses the freetype2 library to do font rendering
(didn't compile with latest automake-1.11)
last commit: 5 months ago
maintainer: -
authors: Jens Lautenbacher, Sven Neumann, Michael Natterer, Andy Thomas, Tor Lillquist
homepage: www.gimp.org
mailinglist: http://gimp.org/mail_lists.html
- Isn't that already in the Gimp core? If yes, drop this project.

Project: gimp-plugin-template
purpose: GIMP Plug-In Template
last commit: 4 years ago
maintainer: Michael Natterer, Sven Neumann
homepage: www.gimp.org
mailinglist: http://gimp.org/mail_lists.html
keep, make 2.3 release, add a link from the tutorials on developer.gimp.org and wiki.gimp.org to the Downloads from the Git repository

Two of them plus GIMP and gimp-web-devel still contain Sven Neumann as maintainer. AFAIK he's not active anymore, is he? Shall I leave him in the doap files or move his name to the AUTHORS files?

Thanks and kind regards,


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