[Gimp-developer] Tool for Google Summer of Code: Flower Dev Center

Hello GSoC Mentors,

As you are participating to Google Summer of Code, I'm wondering if you could consider using Flower Dev Center [1] while working with students.

Flower Dev Center is an online platform for UML modeling diagramming, with a strong focus on code synchronization, integration with dev tools (Git, SVN, etc) and real time collaboration on diagrams (and a little bit on code as well).

We think Flower Dev Center can be helpful for both: mentors and students during Google Summer of Code. We have created an article on this topic (i.e. Flower Dev Center + GSoC): [2], [3].

If you have a couple of spare minutes, could you tell us if you would like to use Flower Dev Center? And/or raise topics that you think are important (based on previous GSoC participations) to be supported by Flower Dev Center?

REMARK1: The next version of Flower Dev Center, the 2.0.0 planned for June/July 2013, has major new features, that we did not demonstrate yet and that will improve even more the collaboration between developers.

REMARK2: Flower Dev Center doesn't currently support C programming language. But if you are interested in using Flower Dev Center, we'll prioritize it's implementation and we'll work hard to do it ASAP, with Flower Dev Center 2.0.0.

REMARK3: Flower Dev Center will support programming languages that are not object oriented, starting with 2.0.0

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,
Mircea @ The Flower Platform Team.

[1] - Flower Dev Center web site - http://www.flower-platform.com
[2] - Video “Flower Dev Center + Google Summer of Code” - http://learn-discuss.flower-platform.com/flower_dev_center/videos/flower_dev_center_and_google_summer_of_code_2013_the_video [3] - Text version with same content as the above video - http://learn-discuss.flower-platform.com/flower_dev_center/tutorials/flower_dev_center_and_google_summer_of_code_2013

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