[Gimp-developer] Fwd: Invoking save dialog from within plugin


an update to my question:

I managed to find gimpfileops - so I got closer to solution, I am using
this call:

gimp_file_save() and have two other questions

1.) drawable ID=layer ID  Correct?
2.) I can get png options dialog, but no filename and directory selection
dialog!? I used "test.png" as both filenames and it saved the file into
current directory (I run the gimp from console). And this is not enough


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From: Tibor Bamhor <tiborb95 gmail com>
Date: 2013/5/14
Subject: Invoking save dialog from within plugin
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one or two short quetions:

I am using gimp_image_duplicate() call in C plugin - obviously it works,

1) how can I make the new image visible? (In fact I dont need this, I am
just curious here....)
2) how can I invoke "save" dialog for this new image? I am fine with new
image not being visible, I just want the user enter new name/location to
save that new image.


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