Re: [Gimp-developer] A few questions for the developers

On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 10:37 PM, Oskar Jungell <oskar jungell gmail com>wrote:


I would very much appreciate if one of the core developers of gimp could
answer a few questions!
I am writing a bachelor thesis on using an all open source environment
when producing 3D graphics for movies and visualizations.
It would be great if I could use your own words in the final discussion of
my findings. So I would be glad if someone could answer the following

1. For who is Gimp being developed?

GIMP is it's own entitiy; and is being pushed forward by it's community of
contributors, in guiding their direction some a short summarized vision of
the project was put together some years back , this vision is not
exhaustive; but it tells you something about what people in one particular
meeting thought was the reason they were interested in contributing to GIMP.

2. What commercial softwares are you aiming to provide an alternative for?

The developers of GIMP do not extensively use whichever these alternatives
might be, they do not need to as they have GIMP - GIMP is sufficient for
many tasks; and when it is not it often can be made to be - given enough
time and resources. One does not need to chase tail-lights or any
particular product when creating tools for creating graphics; thus there is
no percentage complete; nor a desire to make GIMP evolve within the
constraints of the feature list of some proprietary product.

3. What is your motivations for developing gimp?

Again, that depends a lot on the particular individual contributing time or
code to the project. Quite a lot of it happens because it is possible. Both
technically and socially to provide tools like GIMP to the world, your
thank you's are welcome.


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