Re: [Gimp-developer] Interaction design. Used to be: Re: gimp gradients

Von: "peter sikking" <peter mmiworks net>

hi Simon,

At the libre graphics meeting we had the usual gimp meeting and also
discussed the problems that currently seems to make it impossible for you
to continue working on GIMP.

In the meeting there was the general consensus that the collaboration
with you was very successful and we'd like it to continue.

this sounds encouraging, however, the public meeting minutes do not
contain a word on this topic. that is again discouraging.

I'm going to take the blame for this - when writing the minutes, I decided to split this part of the 
discussion into a separate document, because the list of subtopics I write down bears too much room for 
misunderstanding, in my opinion.

I wonder if it is best to go over them in a meeting with more bandwidth than IRC or email, maybe a (Google) 


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