Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP - flesh out a way of allowing lazy rendering?

El 04/03/13 11:24, Joao S. O. Bueno escribió:

So, we might as well start fleshing out what would be needed to get
lazy rendering done,
just to get it clearer for everyone, and maybe have one or more of the steps
needed for that as Summer of Code projects.


While I was reading the previous thread I was wondering how much performance can be achieved with optimizations, and how far is GIMP 2.9 from a reasonable speed according today's standards. As Joao said, even boosting the speed by 300% we're still far behind the performance one would expect from a tool like GIMP.

Maybe it's time to apply all the cheats available to make GIMP fast. Work with scaled down proxies when the view is at < 100%, constrain the feedback of filters to the visible region of the image, and do everything else in the background. I know this issue has been brought to the table a couple of times in the last years. The answer was always that GEGL would provide the mechanisms to do that, but today, with GEGL, GIMP is effectively slower. Considering the current performance in GIMP 2.9, this should be a top priority task, because honestly, without a reasonable performance all the work done may seem useless to the eyes of the user.

Of course it's not useless and it is much appreciated :-)


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