[Gimp-developer] GSOC - 2013 Participation

Hello community members .

I have been trying to participate in the 2013 GSOC under GIMP. I have met many of the wonderful developers on the IRC channel (muks and mitch namely).

I have set up the build environment on two linux builds and have compiled GIMP with little tweaks in code like renaming of tools, just for playing around and also learned a little GTK (damn difficult ).

From my understanding most of the code in folders like App/tools are just interfaces with the actual code for the tools in the core folder ? abstraction and stuff are implemented using static. Pure C based code.

I tried to fix some bugs but some of them are very old ( some dating from 2002 ) , it is not clear whether they are fixable or not.

Now my question is, what should a new developer do to start getting familiar with the code base and to do something.I read the Man machine case studies and was thinking to work on the selection tools.

I apologize for amateurish questions but GIMP is my final year project too, so irrespective of GSOC success is important :)

Good day to all.


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