Re: [Gimp-developer] Ways to improve Gimp 2.9 performance

On 3/2/13, Partha Bagchi <partha1b gmail com> wrote:
I thought Gentoo was all about optimizing a linux distribution to your
specific proecessor. :)

Anyway, try the following optimization and see if it makes a difference in
your setup:

./autogen CFLAGS="-O3 -ffast-math -ftree-vectorize" ...

Sorry! I spoke in too broad a generalization. *Most* Linux
distributions aren't optimized to a specific processor. Gentoo is set
up so you roll your own, as is Linux from Scratch (others? Arch?). The
Gentoo documentation recommends -O2 for general usage, to be on the
safe side. The Linux from Scratch article recommends -O3. Neither
article is especially new, so were written in reference to older
versions of gcc.

Probably what level of optimization does what changes as gcc changes,
but according to the gcc documentation, -Ofast includes -ffast-math
and -ftree-vectorize. Is there a reason why using "-O3 -ffast-math
-ftree-vectorize" might be better than using "-Ofast"?


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