Re: [Gimp-developer] How to deal with pixel-per-pixel operations?

On 11 June 2013 14:03, Alessandro Francesconi <alessandrofrancesconi live it

Got problems here...

Following the goat example, I downloaded the libgegl-dev 0.2 package (I'm
on Debian) and I've started including the necessary libs in my source code:

#include <libgimp/gimp.h>

#include <libgimp/gimpui.h>

#include <gegl.h>

gegl_init() is recognized, but gimp_drawable_get_buffer() and
gimp_drawable_get_shadow_buffer() don't.
They appears to be defined in the git repository, here:
But looking at the gimp 2.8.4 libs I have in my machine, gimpdrawable.h
does not contain those definitions!

Don't tell me... gimp_drawable_get_buffer() and similar are not yet in the
set of available APIs for GIMP-dev 2.8.4.... is it right? How can I develop
a GEGL plugin for 2.8.4 application in these conditions? .-.

I am afraid that is the case. These APIs were introduced after 2.8.x was
released, and will be available in GIMP 2.10. The existing (non-GEGL) pixel
manipulation APIs will be removed in GIMP 3.0, which will follow after 2.10.
I recommend just making sure that the code that manipulates pixels/tiles is
clearly separated in the plugin and that they fit OK with the API model
that GeglBuffer has, to make porting when 2.10 comes out quick and easy.

Jon Nordby -

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