[Gimp-developer] gegl nef raw loader Windows 7 64 bit


I am having an issue with raw-load.c. Firstly, I think the following line
      command = g_strdup_printf ("dcraw -4 -c '%s'\n", op_raw_load->path);
should be
      command = g_strdup_printf ("dcraw -4 -c \"%s\"\n", op_raw_load->path);
Otherwise, you have problems with spaces in filename. However, once it
renders the image, it's completely black. It does get the right dimensions.

I tested the command with dcraw 9.17 and from the command line (mingw or
cmd), I can get a fine ppm image(only 8-bit though) that gimp can read.
It's gegl and command line that I can't get to work.

This is Windows specific, since it is working on Linux (I presume) and on a
Mac (I tested).


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