Re: [Gimp-developer] Make Scale dialog less painful for physical media?

Omari Stephens <xsdg <at>> writes:

Howdy, y'all

I'd like to propose a modification to the Scale dialog.

To start off with, it seems there are two major usecases for the dialog. 
  The difference is whether the user cares about the appearance of the 
image in the physical world.

The problem is that there are two related dialogs, scale image and
print size. One only concerns pixel size, the other concerns print size.

It is true that sometimes you want to change both at the same time - for
example, when you edit pictures for print, you sometime want to scale them 
to a certain print size AND a certain resolution.

The best solution is unifying them to a single dialog, with Pixel size, 
print size and resolution controls. There should be a lock icon next to each
 and the three locks should work like a radio button, only one control can be
locked at any given time. So, you lock one, modify the second, and the third
changes accordingly.

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