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On 25.01.13 at 1:42 PM Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
So I would suggest to revisit straightening horizon use case  and
I agree. Straightening the horizon is a very often and thus important use case.

limiting the amount of lines in transformation tools to a minimum.
I don't think that would solve the problem. To rotate the image precisely, you need a line along or very close to the horizon and the chance for having such a line increases with the amount of lines. However, as I said, no matter of the concrete default value there will always be some people who prefer another default.

The easiest straightening solution I know of is the Straighten tool in Photoshop Elements or the Straighten option in the Crop tool of Photoshop CS6: Drag a line along the horizon and you're done. IMHO only autorotating the image by edge detection algorithms can be simpler.

As it seems we're not the first ones with such ideas:

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