[Gimp-developer] Batch mode on MacOS, build 2.8.2

Hi there,

i recently updated my GIMP to 2.8.2 (the official build) on a mac and encountered the problem, that with this version, the batch mode does not seem to work. 

It seems that 

/Applications/GIMP.app/Content/MacOS/GIMP is a startup-script which (mainly) checks for python and adds the corresponding paths to PATH and finally calls 
/Applications/GIMP.app/Content/MacOS/GIMP-bin, but it does not forward command line options to GIMP-bin, so it never starts in batch mode, but always fires up the gui.

I manually added "$@" to line 83 of (which is the call to GIMP-bin) to forward the command line options. This solves the problem for me. So if you agree, that this creates the intended behavior (without negative side effects), i'd be glad if somebody patched this.

thank you.

with kind regards,

daniel heldt 

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