[Gimp-developer] Seeking Gimp Developer contact for PR purposes

Hey Gimp Developer List
I am looking to get into contact with one of the PR members of the Gimp team, or one of
the senior Gimp team members.
I am currently working on some youtube videos for my small starting channel, working to
develope so advice and help videos for people seeking to do an artform known as Pyrography.
Some of these videos I am seeking to make would feature the creation of image patterns for
pyrography from photographs, hand drawn illustrations, and other images. And I have had
success using GIMP to do this in the past.
I am looking to get in contact with a developer so I can set up the right permission and
rights waivers to allow me to do this so I can place them up with the standard set up
I have with no copyright questions or issues coming up.
Sincerely Thomas Bott (The Learning Droid)

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