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Hi all,

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Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre prokoudine gmail com> wrote:


Before you leave for the festive season, we’d like to share with you
what’s been going on with GIMP for the past year.

A lot of work has gone into completing the port of GIMP to GEGL, our
new hi-end image processing engine. It’s a prerequisite for advanced
features such as non-destructive editing, layer filters, advanced CMYK
support, and more.

Sounds like a productive year. Thanks to everyone who invested the effort and
thank you, Alexandre, for preparing this summary.

I do hope that, next year, the endless discussions in GIMP’s mailing list about
the "HATE the new Save/Export behaviour" or "GIMP’s interface SUCKS" will calm
down a bit.

We don’t have a schedule for GIMP 2.10 release at this point. The best
way to help us getting there is still contributing by porting more
plugins to GEGL and making GEGL faster :)

I’ll try to dedicate some time for helping in that (being a programmer
proficient in C and a former GIMP contributor and all) but note that :

«When a developer says they will work on something, he or she means “maybe”.»


        Shlomi Fish

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