Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp from git Gegl Gaussian Blur and Unsharp Mask useability issues

In the GEGL Gaussian blur, parameters are the std_dev along x and
y, describing mathematically the Gaussian curve used as kernel.
Though, I have to read the code to know where the infinite curve
is clipped to have a "only-one-pixel" actual radius. Which is not

I'll have to look up what that means. Is there a simple approximate
conversion to pixel radius?

The function looks like that, sigma being std_dev_*, but double check to be sure. (and the "sigma ? : " is 
weird, I will fix that)

static gint
fir_calc_convolve_matrix_length (gdouble sigma)
  return sigma ? ceil (sigma)*6.0+1.0 : 1;

Also keep in mind that this is all "work in progress", Mitch once
said that the ui infrastructure for GEGL Operations in GIMP is not
done. And most of GEGL Operations still need some love.

It did seem like it might be a good time for feedback on various ui
issues, yes? no?

I wish I didn't said that. Please, keep going reporting issues or anything you found, we deeply need that 
otherwise (as Daniel said) the "final version" will look exactly like the "under development". So thank you 
already for your help.


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