Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp from git Gegl Gaussian Blur and Unsharp Mask useability issues

Agreeded - the size sliders in GIMP are a problem -
I've implemented the logarithmic slider  back in the time - and it was
ovecome by the new linear sliders. I still don't see how the lienar
sliders make sense - when painting detail one endÅ› up using the left
5% of the slider to count values.
(The new widget also takes more well positioned clicks to allow one to
type in a new value - on the up-to-2.6 widget, one could click, swipe
over the text entry box - that would select the value there, and just
type in a  new value -
the way the new one misbehaves is subtle, but far harder to use )

Can we rethink those sliders for gimp 2.10 ? Not trying to add new
features/fixes like I tried in the final days before 2.8 (make the
"click on botton half to slide the value" behavior to be sensible to
mouse speed),  - but check how is the actual usage, and put in place
something less clumsy  instead?

(And have in mind you are talking about a value one sets ina  dialog,
but the same disfunctional widgets are used when painting)
On 3 December 2013 15:34, Elle Stone <ellestone ninedegreesbelow com> wrote:
For a sample camera-generated jpeg, in Gimp 2.8, Radius 50.0, Amount 0.15,
Threshold 0 does a nice job. Experimenting, the Gimp 2.9 USM settings that
produce a similar result are Std. Dev. 4.00, Scale 0.20. These are very
small values on a very large slider range.

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