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On  22.08.2013 at 05:54 P.M., christopher.draper93 wrote:
> Is there a way to do symmetrical drawings? Like getting a code or plug in
or something?

[MyPaint] has symmetric drawing support.

I don't know of it as a built-in feature or plug-in in GIMP,
but you can achieve it with some steps:
1. optionally: add a guide for the symmetry axis (Image/Guides/etc.)
2. Paint with a dark color onto a lighter or transparent canvas.
3. Duplicate the layer.
4. In case you used a non-transparent canvas in step 2: set the upper layers layer mode to 'Darken only'.
5. Flip the upper layer with the Flip tool.

If your symmetry axis is centered to the image, then you're done ;-)
6. If your guide from step 1 isn't in the horizontal or vertical
center of the image, move the upper layer with the Move tool to
its desired position or use the Align tool to align the upper
layer centered to the guide.

Kind regards,



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