Re: [Gimp-developer] Need help with Python on GIMP 2.8 for bug fixing

Hi all,

thanks for the first hints but no way to get it working. My plugin
structure for testing is:
from gimpfu import * import os, string, sys import os.path
gettext.install("gimp20-python", gimp.locale_directory, unicode=True)  def
python_fu_cmyk_tiff_2_pdf(active_image, active_layer, this_file1,
this_file2, this_compress, this_dpi, delete_files, start_viewer):
do_delete = 0  register(  "python_fu_cmyk_tiff_2_pdf",  "CMYK Tiff 2 PDF",
"CMYK Tiff 2 PDF 20130802\nCreating a CMYK PDF for prepress from a CMYK
Tiff image.",  "Eckhard M. Jaeger,";,  "GPL
V2 License",  "2013",  "*",  "*",  [   (PF_FILENAME, "this_file1", ("CMYK
Tiff Images"), ""),   (PF_FILENAME, "this_file2", (" "), ""),   (PF_RADIO,
 "this_compress",  ("Compression"), "0", (("JPEG 95% Quality","0"), ("Zip
Full Quality","2"), ("No Compression","4"))),   (PF_SPINNER, "this_dpi",
("Resolution (dpi)"), 300, (0,2400,50)),    (PF_TOGGLE,  "delete_files",
("Delete Images\nafter PDF creation"), False),   (PF_TOGGLE,
"start_viewer", ("Start PDF Viewer\nafter export"), True),  ],  [],
python_fu_cmyk_tiff_2_pdf,  domain=("gimp20-python",
gimp.locale_directory),  menu="<image>/Image/Separate/" )  main()  I didn't
get an eror on the python console nor the plugin showed up at menus or
python script listing :(  Cheers Eckhard.

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