[Gimp-developer] Combined Selection Tool - GSoC Status [Midsem Report]

Hi Everybody.

First of all, please allow me to apologize for my tardiness.
My attention to this project hasn't been very good, mostly because my
college started a bit earlier than it should have.My current timeline is
lagging behind by a week.

Current Progress
Selection by Color:
         ✓Merging of Color and Fuzzy Select tool.
         ✓Multiple Color selection
          UI for Brush [Working on it]

Selection by Shape:
          ✓Merge of Rectangle and Ellipse Selection tool
          ✓Separate section for Rounded Rectangle
          ✓Single Row Selection tool
          ✓Porting of the base class functions
          Draw tool UI [Working on it]
          N-Shape Selection tool function [Post Midsem]
          Rotation handle [Post Midsem]

Selection by Content:
          Merging of Scissor and Free Selection tool [Post Midsem]

I am currently working on implementation of "Draw tool UI" & "Brush UI" and
integrating it with the tool.Things got a little out of hand due to bugs in
Porting the base class functions and Single Row Selection tool.This is
where I fell into a slump, doing nothing till the last week.

As of now, I am investigating the source code of Scissor select tool & Free
select tool. and I would work on the bugs later, hoping that it would
distract me and bring me out of slump.So, I hope I would do better.

If anyone has suggestions/questions don't hesitate to mail me.

Thank you.
Ajay Ramanathan

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