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On 23 April 2013 11:51, Tibor Bamhor <tiborb95 gmail com> wrote:

after some digging and coding I found that the problem is bit different, so
please ignore description in my above mail...

The problem currently is (and I noticed also by other plugins of mine) that
the image is not refreshed automatically - I have to click on the "eye" in
the layers window to get it refreshed. Do I need to add something to my code
in previous mail?

Try just making a call to "gimp_displays_flush" after  you are done.

I can post a video if this is not clear :)


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I am working on a plugin and need a help with understanding how drawables

I would first describe what the plugin should do:
1. You open an image (lets presume the image is single layered)
2. User launches a plugin, it reads content of image and keep it in memory
3. User paints something to the image and hits a button on the plugin window
(plugin stays alive all the time)
4. The plugin will read content from image, do some calculations and changes
the image back.

And steps 3 are 4 are repeated many times.

First issue I run into is that when I want to paint (with paintbrush tool
f.e.) to the image again,  what I had painted in previous iteration is lost
- it dissapears... This is my question for now, how to avoid this

If I shoud provide some code, my "core" function that is called everytime
the button is hit contains following....

gimp_pixel_rgn_init (&rgn_in, source,x1, y1, maindata.width,
maindata.height,FALSE, FALSE);
gimp_pixel_rgn_init (&rgn_out, source, x1, y1, maindata.width,
maindata.height, FALSE,TRUE);

gimp_pixel_rgn_get_rect (&rgn_in,rect_in,x1,
#here plugin calculates rect_out
gimp_pixel_rgn_set_rect (&rgn_out, rect_out,x1,

gimp_drawable_flush (source);
gimp_drawable_merge_shadow (source->drawable_id, FALSE);

I had read your Gimp reference manual but to no avail :)

Thanks !!


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