[Gimp-developer] How to request permission of using GIMP's screenshots on educational book?

Dear GIMP developers,

We are writing on behalf of our company to ask your permission to use screenshots of GIMP in a textbook. The part showing screenshots of GIMP is an activity about how to use GIMP to create a complex figure. We have been trying to obtain the official confirmation to use the screenshots of GIMP. We understand that GIMP is part of the GNU project which promotes a freedom to redistribute copy to help our neighbors.

We hope you understand that our intention to publish the books on how to use GIMP is exactly what GNU promotes, and wish to receive an official confirmation to publish our products. The full details will be conducted by our designated copyright management team. We are asking whether we can obtain a more direct e-mail for further discussion. We can provide some samples pages for your reference. 

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Your faithfully,


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