[Gimp-developer] GSoC 2013 - Port plug-ins to GEGL ops

Hi everyone,

I'm hakzsam on IRC. I'm interested by the project "Port plug-ins to GEGL ops" for this summer of code 2013.

Currently, I'm a student in first year of a master degree in image and sound processing at the university of Bordeaux, France. I already participated at the GSoC the last year on libav, if you want you can take a look at my project here [1].

Otherwise, I already submitted two patches as qualification tasks through bugzilla. The first one [2] is to port the edge neon plug-in to GEGL ops, however, the algorithm is a bit hard to quickly understand and I didn't find any papers related to it but I think it's doable with more time. The second one [3] is to port the noise-spread plug-in to GEGL ops. At the moment, this patch is almost done, I just have to fix a little bug in my code but the algorithm seems to work correctly.

I'll continue to study GEGL and I'll prepare my proposal in the next days.

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