Re: [Gimp-developer] GSoC 2013 - n-point image deformation


thank you, Marek, for your posting. The demo video and the results in the cited paper look impressing.

How does the proposed method work
- with more complex objects like a linear rope or cartoon drawings?
(See for instance some puppet warp examples on [1])
- work with non-solid and non-transparent backgrounds like in photographs?
Will it fill the uncovered parts of the image in a content-aware manner or can it be integrated with - for instance -
the Resynthesizer plugin [2] to achieve this?
Will the result still be plausible regarding lighting or can the user do this easily afterwards?
- in comparison to GIMPs cage transform?

It would also be good if the tool worked with high bit color depth and thus were in GEGL
and already connected to the GIMP UI.

Don't let yourself be discouraged by these questions. Contributions are always welcome.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,



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