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Dynamics in this case are handled the same way as all other resources - if you do not have a valid font or brush or whatever set, you cant use the tools that require at least one instance of this resource available... I do not think it is a bug... For your usecase, needing to edit all resources the recommended action is to copy the GIMP default set under your own profile and then remove the system paths you cant edit. Then nothing breaks, but you CAN edit everything... Gimp could help perhaps with this, by shiping a script that can automatically do this configuration change for the user... If someone wrote such an utility script, Im willing to do the nessesary arguing to get it included ;)


On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 8:03 PM, Richard Gitschlag <strata_ranger hotmail com> wrote:
Really tempted to file this in the bugtracker but I'm going to ask here first.

Current situation:  None of my painting tools actually work.  Every time I try to use them, GIMP 2.8.4's statusbar tells me "No paint dynamics available".

It's an easy thing to fix locally, and I will be doing that in a moment.  But to investigate this a little....

This is partly my own doing, since I went to GIMP's Folder preferences and removed the entry for the default Dynamics folder (because I absolutely need dynamics to be adjustable on the fly, and the defaults are currently not).  My various tool options (as checked via external text editor) mostly reference (dynamics "Pressure Opacity"), which is one of the defaults.  Two tools in particular (Paintbrush and Pencil) currently reference (dynamics "Dynamics Off"), also one of the defaults.  Of course, since I de-listed that folder from my GIMP preferences, those references are no longer valid.

However, to test this a bit further I temporarily renamed my (per-user) Dynamics folder and restarted GIMP, effectively causing GIMP to load with precisely zero brush dynamics available whatsoever.  As a direct result of this action, none of GIMP's painting tools work.
At all.

So to get to the point:  Why can't GIMP just assume that "invalid dynamics reference == 'dynamics off' " ?  It can still raise a message in the statusbar, but please at least let the tool actually function in the meantime.  Why should it need need an external file (Dynamics Off.gdyn) to tell it "no dynamics please" when this can just be assumed implicitly?

And is this something to file in the bugtracker?  If it is I will.

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