[Gimp-developer] Discrepancies in the Python API between 2.6 and 2.8

Warning: first off, due to a rather ancient Ubuntu version, I'm not really testing things with 2.8 but with a home-built 2.7.2 (going beyond that causes a dependencies avalanche)...

This said, a script of mine out in the Internet wilderness is reported as failing on 2.8. When I run it on my 2.7.2, I find that;


elicits a "wrong parameter type" while


works (gimp_item_is_text_layer() has the same problem). In 2.6 all the PDB procedures take objects and not integer IDs, so is this a voluntary change?

Next, if the layer is indeed  a text layer;


returns None despite the layer having text.

Are these known problems? Are they already fixed in 2.8? Or should I file a report on Bugzilla?

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