Re: [Gimp-developer] Save/export, option to go back to old behaviour

Em 20/11/2012 00:02, Robert Krawitz escreveu:
It's a great way to lose data, since you may have both .xcf
files and JPEG files open in the same session, and you *don't* want to
change that kind of a global preference for this purpose! 
Well, at least theoretically you could make an add-on or something that didn't change this option globally, but instead did it locally over the files you're working on - so if you open a .jpg and a .xcf file, it would warn for saving a .xcf but not the .jpg.

As it concerns the alarm in the .jpg file, I agree that working without any warning is pretty dangerous. This add-on or script could include a warning if you try to close a .jpg before exporting after any changes in the file. And if the file was saved to .xcf, it would go back to the default behavior. That way it would solve this issue, but I don't know if a script or add-on like that is possible to be made.

And here's where we part company.  Software, like any tool, is used by
people, and putting architectural purity above usability is missing the

Well, I think it's more than merely architectural purity. Like I said, it make no sense for an inkscape file to be marked as saved if an image is exported, it's kind of logical to me... I think it is a good thing for the user, too - that don't get file formats mixed up. But I can be mind-imprisoned by the way I am used to do things. Still, this is the development decision of the Gimp team, this is the way they are doing thing in this version - I don't believe that anything in this world is unchangeable, and they might change their minds if someone realizes that that is a big issue.

In short, I still think that an add-on is the way to go with this issue.

Hope I am not being disrespectful in any way, I am just exposing my opinion. :)



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