Re: [Gimp-developer] file open and create

On Thu, 2012-05-31 at 10:01 +0530, Srihari Sriraman wrote:
> IMHO a tabbed interface would be add to the confusion.

You're probably right, the idea is try to simplify.

> Open as Layers is a powerful and frequent user scenario.

Yes, I use it a lot. Not suggesting removing it, only moving it, as it's
really an option on file->open. Which should be file->import:
compromising the metaphor for ease of use indicates the metaphor isn't

> Ctrl+O is something everyone is used to, and its easy to catch the
> Ctrl+Alt+O behaviour.
Actually I'd never noticed it had that shortcut. But it still could -
the only difference would be the state of the checkbox - without a
separate menu item.

> I think Open Location could be moved to Create>From URI along with
> Create>From Clipboard. Then we would have only 2 open dialogs, which is
> quite clear.

So we'd have Create->From URI next to Create->From Webpage???

> Another thought could be moving the first half of File>Create [Clipboard,
> Screenshot] etc somewhere else. Since these don't really 'create'
> something, in contrast with the rest of File>Create [Buttons, logos, etc].

I have under File->Create
from clipboard
from webpage
xsane device dialog
xsane epkowa:usb:003:002
xsane v4l:'dev'video0

Sometimes I get epson expression 1000 XL in there too.

In every other program scanning is under file->acquire, which is badly
named but at least predictable. But all I really care about is having
something predictable, where I can look at the menu and guess what
things do. Having file->open and fil->create is confusing and so is
having both open location and open webpage.

So I thought I'd try & start a conversation about it :)


Liam Quin - XML Activity Lead, W3C,
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