Re: [Gimp-developer] [enhancement] Improved layer-visibility icons

On Sun, 2012-05-27 at 10:12 -0700, Richard Gitschlag wrote:
> Very tempted to file this one on GNOME already, but going to check here first in case I missed something (e.g. is it configurable?) .
> When you hide a layer group in GIMP 2.8, all items inside it get a new eye-with-slash icon to indicate that they are visible individually but hidden as a group.
> This icon is . . . too visible.  It needs to be something LESS visible than the normal eye icon.
> Attached is a mockup of what some alternate icons can look like.  One uses a 50% opacity, and another uses a 50% dither.  (Myself, I prefer the dither look.)
> Response?

How exactly is that better?

On my monitor, your 50% opacity version looks hardly
different from full opacity, and the dithered version
is not exactly obviously different when quickly looked
at it.

I don't see how going from something that is clearly
distinguishable to something that is hardly different
from a visible icon is any improvement of usability.


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