Re: [Gimp-developer] hesitant about compiling a list...

Hi Peter,

my opinion is 'the clearer the better'.
Such a list could IMHO improve GIMPs product quality.
Even if it will be a long list (and it will be growing, as user requirements and wishes always become more) this will show the necessity to priorize. I'm not (or not yet) a GIMP developer, but speaking as a software developer I know of the benefits of priorization. Of course, this priorization must be done together with the developers. The GIMP team could then define mandatorily, what will become realized at all or in the next version - which could make it easier to define release plans. The product vision is the big picture, but it needs refinement and this list would fill this hole. I think, contributors don't have much problems at all seeing their proposals/contributions at this list as long as they know it's part of the development process and they don't _end up_ on this list. If some contributors come with a ready-to-integrate idea (like Tito, a new brush engine etc.), such a list could/should be taken to examine, how these appreciated contributions can become a useful part of GIMP and keep track of that progress.

So, you have my +1.

Best regards,


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