Re: [Gimp-developer] Differences between Gimp Windows and Gimp Linux

> Since I started to write my gimp-course for Gimp 2.2, I was wondering,
> why the screenshot-funktion looks so different in Linux from Windows. It
> has never changed. Now that I update the course again, I wonder if there
> is a reason to it.
> I mean the possibility on Gimp for Linux to make a screenshot from a
> selection. You can't do that on Window.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Right now, I think the 2 different dialogs are created by 2 entirely
different plugins - one for Windows and one for Linux. For years, it's
been the intention that the Linux one were to be ported to Windows, but
nobody's gotten around to it yet, because other things took precedence
(and not many of the devs use windows).

In other words, it's on the todo list to make them the same, just near the
very bottom of the list.

 - Drawoc

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