Re: [Gimp-developer] Translate to pt_BR

> Von: Ricardo Klein <klein rfk gmail com>

> I work in an University in South of Brazil and we have here one teacher
> who want to make students of Information Systems learn English by
> software/documentation translation, so, I came to as you if you need help
> on pt_BR translation, who I need to talk to know how it will be done and,
> then, I will put the teacher to talk with this responsible for
> translation.

Hi Ricardo,

the translation progress for Brazilian Portuguese ranges from 50% (libgimp) to 100% (tags; with 2 translatable strings), so there is plenty of work left. See for details of the progress per translation domain within GIMP.

The coordinator and active members of the Brazilian Portuguese translation team are listed at

Thanks in advance for your effort, and please don't hesitate to ask for clarification of any unknown or ambiguous English terms you may encounter - we'll be happy to explain the concepts if necessary.

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