Re: [Gimp-developer] Easy access for contributors

On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 9:57 PM, grafxuser <gfx user online de> wrote:

> But my posting was not about developers only. I wrote about people willing
> to contribute at all, like bug triagers, testers, artists etc.
> Do they all need to have administrator and developers skills to just start
> GIMP, try out certain things and tell the results in Bugzilla? - I don't
> think so. Usually you can't expect them to know what 'Build GIMP' means or
> even do it.
> What I wanted to say is: if you want more people to contribute, make the
> hurdle as low as possible. It's the difference between inviting people and
> opening the door or keeping it shut.

Wrong analogy, I'm afraid :) We don't do packaging. We'll be glad to
work with people who want to maintain a PPA that isn't broken, up to
date DMG's and so on. But we won't do packaging. We have no time for

> They seem to have quite up-to-date builds of GIMP (although
> I'm surprised to see a built of 2.7.5, while the latest developer version is
> 2.7.4...).

What's surprising about that? :) As soon as a release is tagged in
Git, the code in Git gets a version bump, so if you run GIMP from Git
master, it _will_ claim to be 2.7.5. Only now it probably already
claims to be 2.7.6 or 2.8rc.

> Also please keep in mind, that I'm honestly not here to nag, but to support
> GIMP development.

On that my only comment is: I wish you spent as much time contributing
as you spent proposing :) But that's just my little personal attack :)

Alexandre Prokoudine

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