Re: [Gimp-developer] What's keeping us from getting 2.8 out?

Den 8 mars 2012 18:58 skrev Nils Philippsen <nils tiptoe de>:
> I'm not sure how much Enselic's list of remaining tasks matches reality
> (not sure how it gets decided what tasks get added there and when
> they're considered done -- I guess it feeds off the 2.8 milestone in
> Bugzilla?), but if it's not completely off track (I don't think it is),
> development (or at least "ticking off tasks") has been stagnant since
> the end of 2011.

I've been a bit bad at keeping the list of remaining tasks up to date,
which is mostly why the curve has been flat the last few months. There
have been, after all, a continuous stream of commits landing in the
GIMP git repo. I did an update some days ago after a chat with mitch
though, but I'm not sure the list is complete. Since I don't
participate on a daily basis in development, it's hard to keep track
of all remaining tasks.

If someone thinks there's something more blocking 2.8 than I have
listed, drop me a mail and I'll do the update almost instantly.

/ Martin


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