[Gimp-developer] Announcing experimental GEGL plugins for GIMP Python plugins

I wrote experimental GEGL plugins (operations) that let a GIMP Python
plugin use GEGL via PyGEGL (Python bindings to GEGL.)  The operations
are a source and sink taking a drawable ID parameter (an int.)

See https://github.com/bootchk/pluginGEGLpluginGIMP

To install requires a few changes to gegl (there is no patch file yet.)
See the README.

One issue is that the sink and source create their own GimpDrawable
struct using gimp_drawable_get(drawableID) and the sink flushes it back
to the GIMP core.  I don't know how to pass a GIMP plugin's pointer to
GimpDrawable to a GEGL operation.  So a GIMP plugin's copy of the
drawable is stale after GEGL processing.

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