Re: [Gimp-developer] How much money to make a dent in GIMP 2.8?

For sure the project is not stalled - you can watch the progress on or you can read articles like this one
  on libre graphics world website.

But your point is true ..there are a lack of qualified manpower to
speed-up the development and a daily growing list of requests from the

2012/3/4 Paul Slocum <paul slocum gmail com>:
> I've been a serious professional GIMP user for about 10 years, but the
> project has seem stalled for quite some time now.  I was wondering how
> much money it would take to get the project back on track?  Would 25k,
> 50k, 100k to hire one or two programmers for several months make a
> substantial difference?
> -paul
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Nemes Ioan Sorin

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