Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.8 less productive than GIMP 2.6 (too many dialogue boxes)

El 21/06/12 10:05, Coocoocoo Coo escribió:
To: GIMP devs and users

Having recently made the upgrade to GIMP 2.8, it's immediately obvious to me as a long time user that GIMP is now a far less productive application. Some aspects that I find particularly obtrusive:...

Coocoocoo Coo:
The save vs. export issue has been discussed extensively in a previous thread and the other issue you're describing is a bug that afaik has been addressed and a fix will be released in 2.8.1
So, you are saying that has been already said and describing a bug that has been already described, and in a quite disrespectful manner (assuming a bug is an obtuse decision from developers isn't very polite if you ask me)

And btw, be careful when you say that something is "obvious". It may be obvious for you, but some people may disagree.
Personally I don't think this changes make me less productive, and I'm also a long time user. So who's right here?


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