[Gimp-developer] Brightness and Contrast Method and Source Code

Hi everyone,

First, sorry my poor english, I will do my best. 

I am working in a java code (using javacv) to apply brightness and contrast improvement in a great amount of images, for a very especific purpose. I tried some tools and figured out the gimp's tool is the best choice to solve my problem, because the result of some manual tests aplying this improvements.

I just spent some hours searching around to find the gimp's method (than i can write my source code at the same line and obtain similar results) but i cant find it any place, any detailed documentation. I downloaded the source code of gimp but, I am not a great programmer and im really trying to understand the code, but its very hard for me.

I am not sure this is the right channel but, if you can help me in some questions, I will be grateful:

- Do you know some java implementation of the Gimp´s Contrast and Brightness method?

- Do you know some java implementation where i cant found similar results?

- Do you know some algorithm representation of the Gimp´s Contrast and Brightness method?

- In the Gimp´s source code, in the structure of archives and directories, what is the exactly code were the Brightness and Contrast is applied?

Thank you any help.

Helleno, Brasil

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