[Gimp-developer] Important misfunction in gimp scaling tool

Hi all Gimp developpers.

First of all, i gotta apology for posting maybe not on the right place. but i didn't find any other way to contact people who THINK the future of this software. If am in the wrong place please redirect me
to the right one.
I wanted to bring my humble opinion on a really missing ( and dramatically simple but 'must have ) feature in gimp. This is about the scale tool ( the one in the dock window ). This function is missing the possibility of moving the center. A scale function is a homotetia ( not sure
of this word in english tho ) wich is defined by a ration and a center.

The current scale tool ( the same as in 2.6 ) only scales the selection from corner to corner and drags the center ( with the lil circle, wich is in this case useless ). This way of scaling is mostly like if for example the rotate function, gimp could only rotate the selection from the center of the bounds.

In the case of rotations, you can change the center of the rotation ( wich is a normal way of doing a
rotation: a rotation is defined by an angle and a center ).
But in scale center means nothing. IMHO it should be movable ( like for the rotate tool ) and be the
center of the homotetia.

Am i right or wrong ? and if i'm right, is this something dev team plans to correct one day ? or not ?

thanks for your answers, and congratz for this great software !!!!!



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