[Gimp-developer] Gimp 2.8 (and previously in 2.6) Color picker issue


Bugzilla is down at the moment, but while I wait, perhaps someone might help me by confirming whether or not the behavior I found is unique to my installation (WIN 7 SP1 64bit; GIMP 2.8).

If I open GIMP, select the color picker tool, and open the "Change color dialog", when I hover the cursor over the button button with the eyedropper about 1/2 way down the far right side of the dialog box, to the right of the "HTML notation:" box, I get a hint, "Click the eyedropper, then click a color anywhere on your screen to select that color." However, in my installation, I find that this hint does not correctly describe the observed behavior. When I click the eyedropper, the cursor changes to an eyedropper anytime I am over a GIMP window, but reverts to the standard cursor as soon as the cursor is over any portion of the screen that is not a GIMP related window.

I can't tell at the moment whether there is an open bugzilla issue on this, or not; when I attempt to access the Bugzilla page, I get a message that there is a hardware issue with the server, but I thought that while I'm waiting, perhaps someone else might be so kind as to either confirm the behavior, or alternatively, to advise me what I am missing that I don't get the behavior listed in the hint.


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